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Michael T. Humber

Michael T. Humber practices business law in Cumming, Georgia. Mr. Humber specializes in estate planning, wills and trusts, probate and estate administration, adult guardianship and elder law, as well as taxation and all aspects of corporate law.

Business Law

Mr. Humber represents company shareholders or business partners engaged in disputes and litigation. In addition, with a strong background in taxation and accounting, he handles IRS matters such as audits, appeals and court proceedings. Furthermore, he represents a number of homeowner associations and non-profit organizations.

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Small Business Incorporations

Michael T. Humber files all types of corporations. Please call for low cost filing of sole proprietorship, partnership, C and S type corporations or LLC.

Estate Planning

Mr. Humber helps his clients minimize the possibility of a contested will or drawn out probate court proceedings with perfectly designed estate planning.

As an expert in elder law, wills and trusts and adult guardianship, Mr. Humber can direct your questions you may have in an informative consultation.